Our Story

The Origin of Knotz

It was personal pain that brought the need of such a product line to my conscience. Dealing with the aftermath of a car accident that ruptured and herniated four disc’s, two in my neck and two in my lower back. It was a path of pain that makes people just not get up in the morning, and some days not even move. There was one episode that lasted over 6 weeks when a steady stream of friends would bring food and human contact because I could not move at all from the pain that sent my body and mind to other places, the nerves were jammed.

 At other times headaches would compliment the back nerves freaking out, which compounded to the point of, if something doesn’t happen I’m going to explode or implode. Something did, my stomach started knotting up, another weak link in my system. Days passed in the dark recesses of agony, at one point with everything triggering such debilitating pain my mind had enough and decided to leave. It was a conscience decision not to deal any more, it was finished and I had to agree with it. With that agreement my mind took over and lifted us up and out of my body, that simple. Now yes it was a trick of my mind, my mind deciding that something has to change, but it did do it. MY point of view was taken with us slowly up and out of my body, floating like a thought in the air waiting to bump into someone. I was astonished that as we lifted out of my feeble husk the overwhelming pain that was all and everything of my world, simply vanished, like gone, not an issue, not there. Hovering over myself watching me look at me, it occurred to me that I had overcome pain, that it couldn’t hurt me any more. I slipped away to another place and woke up in my body, a body that I decided to control not being controlled by it. That is when it all started to move.

 I conceived the Knotz by literally using a wood knot. Using that actual wood knot I began working my own muscles in my back by laying down on it, I felt better, something moved in me and an idea sprang forth. Using the Knot of wood as a focal point and the weight of my body I started working the pain away. My mind raced and I wondered and conceived what my spine needed and I quickly started sculpting shapes. Besides a single pressure point knot of wood, I had the idea of something going up both sides of my spine at the same time, and clearing away and pushing back in alignment the herniation’s that were causing my pain. The first Knot, Align was created. The Turtle was next and the Muscle rounded out the line. It was on.

 The product line has evolved and created a place of healing in myself. I am convinced that these simple objects of materials can help others heal themselves. Healing is up to us not doctors or pills. It is our responsibility to make our body whole and work as it was designed. Now is the time for a pain free full time healthy life.