Gregg Emmel Bio

Heal Yourself with Gregg Emmel:

Knotz Massage Tools is the design invention of creator and celebrated Los Angeles designer, Gregg Emmel. 
Incorporating the fresh grains and textures of wood and body-contoured resin sculpting, and now even in limited edition granite and marble versions, Knotz Massage Tools is the culmination of textural passions in product design, coupled with an affinity for unique and thoughtful industrial creativity for Gregg. 
 "Getting Better is a choice" is Gregg's mantra. 
 This new uniquely sculpted self-healing tool is a tribute to all that encompasses Gregg's creative thinking. A long-time Los Angeles resident, Gregg's passion and creativity began at a young age carving natural and nautical designs and his inspirations of life and people continue to this day.  Using his signature lifelong love for art, plastics, metals and wood, Gregg's fresh designs and inventions are timeless and unique. 
From building Hobbit Homes using reclaimed materials to the scientific art of cryogenics, and with an emphasis on restoration and perceptive brainstorming, nothing is impossible to Gregg Emmel. 
Nature and the body is the perpetual theme to Knotz Massage Tools mixed with a meditative slant. 
Knotz Massage Tools defined aim is to heal ourselves from pain within and promote self-healing through the elements of these rejuvenating tools and utilizing Gregg's personal mandate, "Energy Heals".  
Designed in California, and drawing the inspiration of ocean and mountains, each Knotz massage tool has even been lovingly styled and hand-oiled, using Gregg's bees wax-sandalwood oil as the alchemy, enhancing the texture of the wood and ensuring each Knotz massage tool owner has their own completely unique product. 
The beauty of creating this is not lost on Gregg's sensibility, having taken several years to create the Knotz crop of hand-designed Knotz tools and to define the clarity of the variety of fine natural mediums used. Knotz has become a personal mission to transform and help people's lives. 
Gregg's designs have been coveted and included by multiple companies both locally, nationally and internationally. As the founder of Eggla ( Gregg's fascination with wood and metal has continued through the years illuminating the Los Angeles art and design world. 
Gregg's interests include the art of discovery, philanthropy, creative and art events, the lure of Topanga Canyon's nature, Geary & Frank Lloyd Wright architecture, as well as the passion of discovering off-the-beaten track Los Angeles food and music. 
"People inspire me as much as nature". Gregg Emmel